What is Aplanty Exchange?

Introducing Aplanty Exchange – Aplanty Exchange is a marketplace where shares in rare houseplants that are owned by acclaimed collectors can be bought (and sold) by members of the Exchange. It is the new social impact project created by Aplanty House x TEA – The Engagement Appeal as part of both social ventures’ commitment to ‘edutaining’ the UK public about financial literacy. 

We hope for other plant collectors and botanical gardens to join the Exchange as our concept develops. So, that eventually it becomes the place where buyers and sellers come together to trade shares of rare plants responsibly and ethically. 

It is also important to note the positive environmental benefit of owning plants in this exciting new way. Through fractional share ownership of rare plants that are already in the UK and that have been growing locally over at least the last 12 months instead of being imported, you can help off-set the carbon emitted by flying plants to the UK to be sold in box stores and online plant retailers.

While there is no guarantee, the clear aim of the collector is to grow the plants so that these thrive and increase in value, thereby also increasing the value of the investment of those who buy shares in the plants. As an example, if you buy a share in a juvenile Philodendron Joepii Variegata today at £1.00 and in three months, the plant grows from being 3 leaves to 6 leaves with good variegation, and the status of Philodendron Joepii Variegata as a ‘unicorn’ plant remains stable along with its market price, then you can expect the price of your share to go up.  


How will it work?

Aplanty Exchange stands as an exciting and innovative venture, placing plants, individuals, and the environment at the core of all our endeavors. 

Cultivating and possessing plants in this manner holds a unique significance, and we firmly believe it heralds a remarkable transformation within the market for truly rare, unusual and unicorn plants.

With individuals assuming control, acting as stakeholders in these extraordinary plants, you hold the reins over your investments. Once Aplanty Exchange reaches its full operational capacity, shareholders will receive invitations to express their viewpoints on the course of action for the plants they hold shares in. For instance, this could encompass options such as propagating and selling portions of the plants, with resulting profits returning to the shareholders. 


Enrolling as a member of Aplanty Exchange and registering for an APEXX Card brings forth an immensely thrilling prospect. You're not just becoming a founding member; you're immersing yourself in the most vibrant plant community out there! 

APEXX Card membership is a treasure trove of advantages, ranging from exclusive discounts at your favourite plant stores to travel savings, Aplanty's social gatherings, and an array of other enticing offerings. 

Stay attentive for forthcoming announcements detailing these perks. 

This membership experience is truly unparalleled, and our enthusiasm knows no bounds. Create your account and acquire your card today, embarking on this extraordinary journey alongside us.

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