Learn More About APEXX

Aplanty Exchange is a marketplace where shares in rare houseplants that are owned by acclaimed collectors can be bought (and sold) by members of the Exchange. It is the new social impact project created by APLANTY HOUSE x TEA – The Engagement Appeal as part of both social ventures’ commitment to ‘edutaining’ the UK public about financial literacy.

How APEXX Works

Attending The Rare Plant Market (August 12th 2023) and receive an APEXX Card at the checkout, granting you exclusive membership in Aplanty Exchange. This limited-edition 'Founders Membership' offer is FREE and holds digital value. However if you didn't manage to attend the event its not all bad news, soon you will be able to get hold on a card of your own.

Enjoy numerous benefits as an APEXX member, with more perks than you could dream of as our network grows.

Your APEXX Card includes a FREE* credit to purchase shares in @sherylinmotion's rare plants showcased at The Rare Plant Market. Share prices range from 30p to £3.00 per share, offering an affordable way to own a part of these extraordinary plants.

Use your free credit on 12 August or redeem it online within 28 days at www.AplantyExchange.co.uk.

After using your credit, buy additional shares at the current share price, up to 30% of available shares per plant. All purchases are tracked on our secure online system.

APEXX Benefits

Exclusive limited-edition APEXX Card with digital token and art equivalent, releasing in 2023.

Early access to Aplanty House and TEA events and free entry to paid events until 31 March 2024, then 50% off.

Up to 30% off stays at Aplanty House North Cambridgeshire.

Access to weekly live streams of your investee plants.

Engaging newsletters, forums, and committees for active involvement.

10% discount on purchases at Aplanty House brand shops.

Founder membership in TEA's Partying for Change activities.

Educational resources for botanical and personal investing journeys.

And much more to come!

By owning fractional shares of locally grown rare plants, you're contributing to carbon offset, countering emissions from flown-in plants. Join Aplanty Exchange for a greener future while nurturing your passion for plants and financial knowledge.